Full House for Love Hurts

The audience spilled out into the overflow room for six gut-wrenching tales of loss, domestic violence, betrayal, and unrequited love.  Ava DeRosier, Megan Sheer, Davis Wilkins, Bryon Lambert, Renee Riley-Adams, and James di Properzio bared their souls with six intimate tales of heartbreak.  “We need more of this kind of honesty in our families and in our community,” one audience member remarked.  “Strangely, it was kind of comforting to realize that I’m not the only one who comes from a painful background.” Said another young woman.

With beautiful music by Wendi Stanek, Duane Whitcomb, and David Hess, the event raised over $600 at the door and even more through a silent auction for Rose Circle Mentoring Network.

Our next event is being scheduled for the middle of June.  The theme will be “Tales from Childhood,” and the proceeds will go to the Afghan Child Project run by locals Becky and Will Sherman.


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