Looking for Charity for October 13 Event

On October 13th, the Hearth will present our fall storytelling event entitled “Changed: True Tales of Transformation.”  At each event we collect a five dollar donation from participants and then give all the proceeds for the evening to a local charity that connects with the theme.  We are looking for suggestions for a good cause that could use the funds and exposure from our October event.  If you have an idea post it in the comments section to this blog.


10 thoughts on “Looking for Charity for October 13 Event

  1. I would like suggest FOTAS (Friends of the Animal Shelter) . Their volunteers do a fantastic job helping with medical expenses, finding homes, providing foster homes, walking, training, and providing lots of love to homeless animals. Barbara Talbert
    ( barbara.talbert@gmail.com ) is the president of their Board of Directors.

    • This sounds like a great project. Some people have suggested a night of stories based on pets, animals, etc. Maybe we should tie this theme with FOTAS?

  2. Maslow Project based in Medford for homeless kids…great NP and encourages change and transformation in the lives of these youth….

    • This sounds great. I’ll contact them. Maybe they’d have someone who could tell a story that night? I’ll explore this with Maslow. Thanks for the tip.–Mark

  3. Rogue Valley Farm to School cultivates healthy kids, environmental stewardship, farm relationships and the local economy. Our on-farm & in-garden programs inspire lifestyle changes leading families to healthy food choices. We work with schools to increase the procurement of local organic produce and to establish school gardens. Transforming the way we eat BACK to the way we used to eat – straight from the field instead of straight from the package.

    • Tracy, you seem to be connected to the RV farm to school program. Can we try and plan an event in collaboration for next spring or summer? Maybe hold it at a farm?

    • Hey Mara, Great suggestion. Another great non-profit doing beautiful work. I’m talking with folks about doing our winter event in December. Let’s look to getting an event for Dunn house in the winter months. Have someone contact me…or I’ll look for a contact. My hope in working with these various good projects is to let the hearth be a gift to them, not a burden.

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