True Tales of Change October 13th

We hit bottom, find inspiration, fall in love, lose a job, get hurt, get healed, and somehow our lives move in a new direction.  On Thursday, October 13th The Hearth presents “Change: True Tales of Transformation.”  Storytellers include Catherine Larkin, Gregory Whitcomb, Selene Aitken, Randy Ellison, Mercedes Urive, and Louise M. Pare.  All proceeds from the event will go to the Maslow Project, a resource center for homeless youth in the the Rogue Valley.  The event takes place at the UCC church at 717 Siskiyou blvd from 7 to 9pm.  Cost is $5. Mark Yaconelli will host the evening with music by Duane Whitcomb, Wendi Stanek, and special guests.  Tea, juice, wine, and snacks will be available.  Arrive early, seating can be limited.


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