Winter Tales: January 19th

We’re gathering tellers for our winter storytelling event. Have you got a story set in winter? “It was a cold and stormy night…” “It was the winter of my discontent…”

We’re looking for true tales, told in the first person in ten minutes.

We’ll have new music by Trent Yaconelli, Duane Whitcomb and friends, playing music from Trent’s new album Birdwings.

As usual, our event will be held at 717 Siskiyou blvd with wine and winter ale.  All proceeds from the night will go to Dunn House an outreach service in various locations around Jackson County that seeks to give “hope to women and children affected by domestic violence.”

See you there.


One thought on “Winter Tales: January 19th

  1. Hi Mark ~ I have a potential winter tale for you, although it does involve Christmas. The working title (which I am making up in this moment) is Confessions of a New Age Grinch.

    Lemmeno if you’re interested! Blessings ~ Joy

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