Bully Stories January 24th–NEW LOCATION


We’ve gathered seven brave tellers for a powerful night of true stories by bullies, the bullied, and bystanders. Tellers include locals Steve Roe, James di Properzio, Kyndra Laughery, Andrew Seles, Michael Fitzgerald, and Carolyn Anderson. Cost is $5 and all proceeds from the night will go to Mediation Works and their ChoicePoint bully prevention and bystander empowerment campaign. The event takes place 7 to 9pm, on Thursday January 24th at a NEW LOCATION provided by the Unitarian Fellowship at 87 Fourth street in Ashland. The evening will be hosted by Mark Yaconelli with music by Duane Whitcomb and friends. Bring family and friends as we increase our understanding of bullying and it’s effect on our community.


4 thoughts on “Bully Stories January 24th–NEW LOCATION

    • At this time we do not have a location. We are seeking approval to re-use the Unitarian Fellowship Hall. We need a location that is free of charge that houses 200. I’ll post a time and location once that is determined. At this time I simply want folks to know the date of our next event (April 18) and to call for stories. Sorry for any frustration.–mark

    • Yes. Our next event will be December 12. This will be a special Holiday Hearth event. The theme will be “There’s No Place Like Home.” We’ll have mulled wine, hot cider, great music and stories about home. The event is a special fundraiser for the new Hearth Community Project. More information will be posted in the coming weeks.

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