*Poet Angela Decker has a column on The Hearth for The Ashland Daily Tidings entitled, “Personal Stories Build Community.” You can read it here.

*Secrets Shared is the title of this October 29, 2013, Ashland Daily Tidings cover story on The Hearth Community. Read it here. 

*Jefferson Monthly the magazine for Southern Oregon and Northern California public radio has a feature article on the hearth by Jennifer Margulis. You can read the article here.

*Craig Comstock at the HuffingtonPost wrote a nice article on the Hearth as a format for addressing difficult issues and building community within small towns. You can read it here.

*A January 2012 cover story from the Ashland Tidings on the work of the Hearth with excerpts from previous tellers and a feature article by Mark Yaconelli is here.

*A January 2013 cover story on the Hearth and the subject of bullying is here.

*You can read about the Hearth from the Ashland Daily Tidings article here.

*Jefferson Public Radio did an interview with Mark Yaconelli and Angela Decker about the Hearth in April, 2011.  We are working on posting that interview.


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